Fast Defrosting Tray with Cleaner Frozen Meat Defrost Food Thawing Plate Board Kitchen Tool


Latest 2020 fast defrosting tray and thawboard for frozen food and frozen meat in town. Needing to prepare dinner fast but takes too long to defrost food, fish, salmon, chicken and steak? This fast and rapid thawing tray thaws your turkey, chicken and meat fast with the latest fast defrost conduction technology. No more cooking of frozen steak or frozen meat. Stop worrying how to thaw your chicken fast, how long to defrost chicken, how to defrost bread, salmon steak, fish pie. Introducing the ultimate plate that defrosts meat


Material: Aluminium
Shape: Rectangle


Quick meat defrost rapid thaw tray and meat defrost mat for defrosting chicken fast / defrosting meat / thawing a frozen turkey fast / defrosting a turkey / defrost steak fast and quickly/ thaw food quick / thawing bread / defrosting ground beef / defrost frozen bread /thawing chicken / defrost fish fast / thawing red meat / thaw brisket / thaw fish / defrost meat in sous vide / thaw frozen spinach

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